XI. International Organizations
093   Mention is often made of a campaign of the rich and powerful who devote themselves to limiting the world population of the poor in order to avoid the obligation of sharing their wealth. Isn't that a rather gloomy outlook for society and the future of the world?

094   Why is it that publications from international organizations are so poorly known?

095   Can facts be cited to support the contention that a U.N. campaign exists?

096   Is it in this context that the abortive pill RU 486 appears?

097   Would this mean that the specialized agencies of the United Nations and the United Nations itself are implicated in the anti-birth campaigns in the poor countries?

098   It is almost unthinkable that an institution of such prestige as the United Nations would offer support to the policies of demographic "containment" involving the practice of abortion.

099   Who will profit from a U.N change?

100   Is this change profitable to certain particular nations?

101   Does the Kissinger Report speak of abortion?

102   Is there a relationship between the demographic policies of the US and the change observed in the nature of the UN?

103   How can it be explained that the Western democracies join forces with the United States to curb the demographic growth of the Third World?

104   Is the attitude of these rich people shared by all the citizens of the US and the Western democracies?

105   Isn't it inconsistent for Western nations to export abortifacient products while continuing to pose as champions of democracy and development?

106   In the final analysis, who is really responsible for the real restoration of contemporary totalitarianism?

107   When all is said and done, if no action on behalf of human life is undertaken on a worldwide basis, isn't what will emerge, a new war?

108   Isn't it excessive to speak of war with respect to abortion?