107 If no action on behalf of human life is undertaken on a
        worldwide basis, isn't what will emerge a new war?

For decades the world has been divided into two blocs: East and West confronting each other. This division is not dead, but today it is relegated to second place and supplanted by the North-South confrontation, a war of rich against the poor. In this war, actually in progress, new weapons are being put to use. In the first place figure biomedical weapons, and their implementation was "justified" by a biased reading of demographic data. These new weapons must bring about the final solution of the threat of the poor, if not the existence of poverty. That is why wherever contraception does not yield the expected result, people prefer sterilization and abortion.

The same can be said for partners in search of pleasure: the means for impeding procreation must have an effectiveness without fail. That is why abortion and sterilization are inevitably written into the logic of this new and silent war.

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