104 Is the attitude of these rich people shared by all the
        citizens of the US and the Western democracies?

In the United States, much more than in Europe, the movements for respecting human life are more and more active, and better and better organized. Thanks to them, there is an awareness developing analogous to what was observed in the nineteenth century regarding the social question. At that time a minority of citizens became sensitive to the undeserved misery of the working class. And in our day an ever greater number of citizens, and consequently politicians, are becoming sensitive to the undeserved contempt of which human life is the victim all over the world.

Both on the national and world level, these groups, which have had their consciousness raised, organize and make their actions speak loudly. Their effectiveness is remarkably heightened on different levels. On the economic level, these groups have taught the big pharmaceutical firms producing abortive and/or sterilizing drugs that the weapon of a boycott must be taken very seriously. On the political level, these same groups have led recent presidents of the US to cut their governmental subsidies for financing campaigns of abortion in the Third World as well as to appoint to the Supreme Court some judges known for their determination to place law at the service of innocent life. Even President Clinton, who has broken with his predecessors, will have to take these groups more and more into account.

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