II. Woman, Spouse and Mother
014   Is a woman not the master of her own body?

015   Once a woman has chosen to have an abortion, should we not respect the decision she has made?

016   The right to abort, the right for women to dispose freely of their bodies isn't this an essential demand of feminism?

017   Isn't a law that punishes abortion odious to women and doesn't it trample upon their rights?

018   Is democracy possible with only a minimum of political morality?

019   Should not the liberalization of abortion be considered an important step in the long march toward the liberation of women?

020   Isn't the dignity of women better honored when their right to abort is recognized?

021   Doesn't the liberalization of abortion concern certain particular categories of women?

022   Despite everything, doesn't abortion afford a relief to women's distress?

023   When a woman's distress is extreme, could abortion not be considered a lesser evil?

024   What should one do when the life of mother, and/or child is in danger?

025   Does promoting the advancement of women in society include preventing abortion?