XIII.  The Church and Childbearing
114   What does the Church say about abortion?

115   Regarding respect for human life and, in particular, respect for the life of the unborn, isn't it a fact that many Christians are in open opposition to the Church?

116   Do not some Christians run the risk of being reproached today with the same lack of courage lamentably seen among some Christians of former times?

117   The Catholic Church should take into account the evolution of morals and adapt her conception of sin to them.

118   Why does the Church reject contraception?

119   Must we not carefully distinguish sterilization from contraception through use of hormones?

120   When you say responsible parenthood you say contraception. But the Church is opposed to contraception.

121   The Church makes it necessary for people to have recourse to abortion because she is opposed to contraception.

122   Isn't effective contraception the best way to avoid abortion?

123   What consequences are entailed by the separation of sex from procreation in the conjugal union?