XIV.  The Church and Demography
124   In what way does the contraception practiced by some couples have a political dimension? Isn't it a purely private affair?

125   With her morality, doesn't the Church have a heavy responsibility for the world's demographic growth?

126   Why do so many reject the Church's message about misery in the Third World?

127   Doesn't the conjugal morality of the Church favor having children?

128   According to some specialists, the Church's position in the matter of contraception and demography is going to cause dramatic consequences - notably famine.

129   Why would one institute "permits to procreate" in wealthy countries where the birth rate is suffering such a disquieting decline?

130   Where do we find the Church's teaching on population? Isn't it contained in her pro-birth conjugal morality?

131   Doesn't the Church completely neglect the demographic problems when she proclaims her beautiful principles concerning development?

132   In the question of demography, aren't Catholic moralists showing bad faith? In effect, they say that development entails a drop in the birth rate, but they hide the fact that this decline in the birth rate is obtained, in developed countries, by methods condemned by the Church.

133   Isn't it dreaming to imagine that natural methods can be widely distributed and used?

134   Isn't it out of na´vetÚ, if not a provocative spirit, on the part of Christians to advocate recourse to natural methods?

135   Do discussions concerning natural methods refer us, then, to an in-depth reflection on human development?

136   What, then, is the heart of the Church's social teaching on demography?

137   Why do the ideologues of demographic security give so much attention to ecological problems?