"The Gospel Confronting World Disorder"
A recent book by Michel Schooyans that challenges the accepted ideologies of the day that are undermining our identity and dignity. Preface by Cardinal Ratzinger, translated by John H. Miller, C.S.C. (St. Louis, MO.: Central Bureau, 1999) 245 pp.; paper, $17.50 plus 2.50 postage and handling.


Judie Brown, President of the American Life League:

"Those who are familiar with the work of Mons. Michael Schooyans would expect nothing less than insightful analysis. They will not be disappointed when they read his most recent book, "The Gospel Confronting World Disorder".

So many have discussed the 'culture of death' and why it has such a strong grasp on the people of this world, particularly those who are poor. As he points out early in the work, 'In a human society, rules for functioning, codes of communication and rules of conduct compose what is called culture.' (Page 45) From here he begins the portrait of self-interest: arrogant policies that oppress the least of our brothers and sisters. And he does this with absolutely undeniable facts! here is rhetoric, of course, but the meat of this book is presented from the materials, the statements and the findings of those who argue that the world is too populated with human beings. He provides the reader with a clear understanding of how the most basic structures in international planning, like the World Health Organization, have been deconstructed. He exposes the reconstruction of such agencies, designed to fulfill the agenda of the population control establishment, as it insists on trampling the bodies of the less fortunate with the tools of the trade. From sterilization to chemical abortion to surgical mutilation to euthanising, there is nothing too heinous to become parts of this agenda.

He does not abandon the reader without solutions, beginning with a call to reflect Christ in the world through unselfish love. He invites the formation of organized professional institutions that will provide the antidote to citizens who have for too long looked no farther than the evening news to determine their own moral attitudes on any number of topics.

The world, and particularly those involved in restoring the culture of life, should be grateful to Mons. Schooyans for providing a blueprint, not only for action, but for daily life. Not everyone is called to be a leader, but each is called to follow Christ and never count the cost."

Among other things, Dr. Samuel Nigro, M.D., has this to say about the book. Detailing what is wrong, Schooyans points to "World organizations that are committed to unbelief by a subtle dictatorship using an elitist oligarchical collectivist approach overwhelming individual freedom and personhood. The Nazis, socialists, Marxists and materialists have taken over a mediaocracy on behalf on the deprived rich. Necrophilic elitists from the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the World Bank and One-World Royalists are in charge. Crimes against humanity are used to enslave man as self-appointed think tanks arrogantly declare themselves definers and purveyors of global 'rights' destroying, not only individuals, but families and nations… Sardonic irony becomes pervasive as one realizes that what is being perpetrated on the world today is a clever and subtle implementation of the worst of the French Revolution with abortion being the 'international razor'. Schooyans describes this philosophy of godless elitist egotism and reveals it as totally inhuman."

Dr. V. John Chalupa, J.D., calls this book "an erudite, scholarly, meticulously documented and closely argued work which deserves to be read in its entirety… Having identified the axioms of the depopulation policies, Prof. Schooyans examines in detail three questions: who is spreading this ideology, how is it done and who profits from it. Relying on the literature of the new paradigm's protagonists, especially Marilyn Ferguson (author of the term 'gentle conspiracy'), Schooyans shows that the New Age people aim at 'the overthrow of conscience in a critical number of powerful individuals capable of producing a radical cultural realignment' by an 'integrated segmented polycentric network': innovators in Congressional agencies, bureaucracies of the executive branch of the federal government from which they manage to obtain funding and give them the appearance of official policy… The book also documents, by means of quotations from official statements made by chief bureaucrats of UN agencies dealing with demography (WHO, UNFPA, FAO) and of the World Bank, ways of removing obstacles to the new world order… All things considered, this book could be the most important achievement of contemporary political science."

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