038 Are we not quickly coming to consider
        the body as another thing among others?

A depersonalizing conception of the body inevitably leads to a commercial exploitation of it.

Direct or indirect exploitation of individual sexual pleasures has become a powerful stimulant for economic, scientific and technological activity. This is evident for contraception and abortion over which specialized lobbies and even the Mafia jealously stand guard. According to the United Nations Fund for Population, perfecting of a new contraceptive product, before marketing, requires an investment in the range of $200,000,000.00. That gives us an idea of the interests that are in play.

That clarifies also the reasons why the maximum extension of marketing for contraception is called for: All the potential customers are far from having become effective consumers, and passing from the first to the second category will be facilitated by the promotion of a hedonist morality, permissiveness in morals, pornography, initiation in licentiousness under the pretext of sex education. In turn, this promotion will contribute to the early spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Now, if these produce a large and defenseless clientele for pharmaceutical firms, they also create terrible dramas for individuals and families, and they weigh very heavily on the budget of the whole of society. And so, youth is doomed to depravity by companies with a cynicism bordering on madness, and scientific research as well as Social Security are powerless before the scope of the problem.

This is, then, fundamentally the same logic which, starting with a narrow concept of human freedom, ends by thinking that the human body can be disposed of as one disposes of a thing. The body is an object of alienation. An elementary truth is forgotten, namely, that is not enough to say that we have a body, but one must say that we are a body. The whole of anthropology is certainly not exhausted by this formula, but it does affirm something essential.

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