138 Doesn’t the decriminalization of abortion and its
        practical consequences, as well as its liberalization,
        pose serious threats to our society?

The philosopher Simone Weil (1909-1943) wrote to Bernanos:

"Once temporal and spiritual authorities have placed a category of human beings beyond those whose life has a price, there is nothing more natural than to kill. When one knows he can kill without risk of punishment or blame, he kills; or at least one surrounds with encouraging smiles those who do kill. If by chance one experiences at first a bit of disgust, he remains silent and soon he smothers it for fear of lacking virility." 1

1 Cited, along with many other interesting texts, by Jacques Verhagen in the rich collection he organized on Licéité en droit positif et références légales aux valeurs (Brussels: Bruylant, 1982) 166.

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