090 How is the problem of abortion presented in a country
        like Japan where it has become commonplace?

Abortion is currently practiced in Japan, and they estimate that there are a half a million a year. We must remark, however, that this frequency of abortion does not achieve a sense of guilt among those who have recourse to it. There are even cemeteries for unborn infants in which figurines represent the little victims of abortion.

Japan, where few women work, is nevertheless going to face a grave problem with regard to demography. The fertility index is 1.5, and the aging of the population is accentuated.

Until now, Japan has prevented or skirted the ramifications of its demographic decline by establishing some of its industries in foreign countries. But the Japanese directors are realizing that the expansion of Japan risks being hypothetical by reason of the foreseeable difficulties due to the demographic dynamic.

That is why Japan has recently taken strict measures to prevent women from using contraception.

It is also the reason why Tokyo is trying to bring back to Japan emigrants and children of Japanese emigrants. This reverse migration has the objective of contributing to the resolution of the problem of lack of manpower.

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